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High void ratio to avoid urban flooding.
A rainfall is a blessing brought to us for coexistence
with nature.
CROSS-WAVE is a material of underground rainwater storage for a Rain Water Harvesting.
Creating a space underground for water in high void ratio which contributes to the effective use of rainwater
and control overflow.

Features of CROSS-WAVE

1 High Void Ratio

  • High space can be maintained by intersecting it at 90 degrees and piling it up.
  • Reduce the amount of digging and can make a big volume storage in compact space.
  • As digging is small so post processing is easy.

2 Time saving

  • Installation can be done only by hand.
  • Compared to using concrete no need curing time.
  • No need heavy equipment unlikely to use precasting concrete products.

3 Heavy load capacity design

  • Can load 25 ton truck for vertical direction.

4 Easy Installation

  • Due to slide layer design no fixing material is required.
  • Installation speed is outstanding.

5 No pollution

  • Polypropylene is used.
  • Excellent chemical and water resistant, do not pollute the water.

6 Compact Storage

  • It can be easily stored if piled in the same direction and reduces storage space at the site.


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