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CROSS-WAVE only crossed and pile up one by one.

As CROSS-WAVE is light weight so transportation is also smooth.
Heavy load capacity, strong enough for 25t truck with covering more than 60cm.
Can be install simply by cross and piling up.
Apart from that you can utilize for wide range of civil engineering materials such as lightweight fill materials or temporary construction material.

Installation Process


Protection sheet

Lining sheet

Carry in

Pile up

Setting Spacer

Lining sheet, Protection sheet finished



How to pile up

plan view

odd-numbered layer

Setting the 1st layer.

even-numbered layer

Regarding the 2nd step, please set it up with changing direction for 90 degrees and bank it with its firsr joints stepping over.

relationship between odd layer and even layer

Regarding on and after 3rd step, please set it up with changing direction for 90 degrees again, and bank it by the same. Regarding top step, please embed the spacer.

cross section

Looking at the cross section, pattern of adjacent steps are different from it.


Structural pattern for a water storage

There are following patterns according to the purpose.

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